"Unleashing Imagination: Crafting Games, Dapps, Metaverse Experiences & Beyond"

Corporate Philosophy

"Pursuing Innovative Fun with Unbounded Imagination"
We strive to create uniquely entertaining works that break free from conventional wisdom and established norms while valuing our customers' benefits. Our mission is to challenge new possibilities without being confined to fixed ideas and to produce groundbreaking, captivating works that have never been seen before. As creators, we cherish the messages and visions we are passionate about conveying, ensuring that our passion is reflected in our creations, offering a new sense of wonder to the world.
Feelcerca Inc.
Founded in 2020, Feelcerca Inc. provides an environment where creators can passionately pursue and immerse themselves in the creation of games filled with wonder and imagination. Prioritizing passion and creativity over revenue, the company is engaged in a variety of entertainment-related ventures, including games, Dapps, and metaverse applications.

Company Information

Company NameFeelcerca Inc.
Date of Company EstablishmentJuly 7, 2020
Location6F Aoyama Marutake Building, 3-1-36, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan
RepresentativeCEO Masahiko Nitanda
Business ContentGame content business
Entertainment-related business, etc.

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